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Business Relocation

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"We at Mayur & Co have successfully advised on Business relocation process for our clientwhere a legal domicile of a company is transferred from one jurisdiction to another. This process is also known as corporate migration, corporate relocation, or corporate re-domiciliation."

Business relocation involves changing the legal residence of a company from one country to another, while maintaining its original identity and assets which has many advantages such as: 


1. Access to new markets


Re-domiciling a business can open up access to new markets and customers in different countries. This can help businesses expand their operations and increase their profits while maintaining its original history and corporate existence.


2. Tax benefits


Re-domiciling a business can provide tax benefits in certain jurisdictions, such as lower corporate tax rates or more favourable tax treatment for certain types of income.


3. Improved regulatory environment

Re-domiciling a business can provide access to more favourable regulations in certain jurisdictions, such as fewer restrictions on foreign ownership or more lenient labor laws.


4. Increased flexibility


Re-domiciling a business can provide increased flexibility when it comes to structuring the company’s operations and finances, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to expand or restructure their operations.

If you are looking for a professional advisor for your corporate relocation process, please get in touch and we will be happy to schedule a virtual appointment for you.

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